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Arbor-Plex Rope


The unique construction of Arbor-Plex wraps tough polyester jacket fibers around polyolefin center fibers creating a lightweight, high-strength rope with maximum resistance to wear and fiber fusing.

Arbor-Plex uses a proprietary construction to tighten the braid and keep the rope round and firm for knot control and snag resistance. The outer polyester fibers utilize Samson’s Parallay fiber orientation to prolong rope life by minimizing the sawing action of fibers over rough surfaces. The signature green stripe assures that any twist in the line is easily detectable.

Arbor-Plex was the first synthetic rope designed specifically for the arborist industry and remains one of the best values in climbing lines today.

  • Excellent wear and snag resistance
  • Excellent knot holding ability
  • Works well when wet
  • Economical – good value
  • Single braid
  • No twist stripe

Standard Package Lengths
120' Polybag Unspliced
150' Polybag Unspliced
600' Reel Unspliced


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